Littlestown parents helping teacher’s family

At a recent Littlestown Area School District meeting, a parent mentioned something that really stuck with me.

You only hear about the bad news, this parent said.

And maybe there is some truth about that.

Certainly what I reported on that night from the meeting wasn’t positive.

But despite the problems facing the district, there is good news.

And I was reminded of that today when some Littlestown parents told me of how they are collecting donations to help one of their favorite teachers. A teacher who is like a second-mother to their children, they said, and whose son’s Dover home was badly damaged in an early Sunday blaze.

The fire occurred early Sunday morning. And the home received a lot of damage. Kitchen plates, family photographs, pillows — all damaged, Littlestown parent Lorri Abate said. The children’s books, toys, Teddy bears — all gone.

So, by Sunday afternoon, after Littlestown parents heard of what teacher Michelle Durange’s family was going through, they decided to help out.

“Littlestown is such a giving community,” Abate said.

As is usually the case these days, someone first posted a Facebook message, Abate said. And then everyone just started jumping in, giving suggestions on what they can collect for Durange’s family.

But they had to help their favorite second grade teacher out, Abate said.

“So many love her,” Abate said. “She’s the most caring person in the world.”

If you think about it, Abate said, Durange is like a second-mother to Littlestown children. She’s with them throughout the day, teaching them, spending time with them.

And now her child — and grandchildren — need help.

Abate and other parents plan on collecting donations through this week, and look later on for a story.

Maybe it’s true. It is rare that we hear of a good story.

But they’re still there, underneath the arguments and frustrations.

Deep down, there are still people who want to give back to others.

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  1. Lisa Griffith says:

    Michelle is the type of person that would do ANYTHING to help someone else. She is a treasure to us as parents because she is a truly loving teacher. We are blessed to have her in our lives and our children’s lives. She would not hesitate to do this for one of us. We are still a strong community no matter what tries to come between us. When times are tough Littlestown comes together!

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