About the Authors

Marc Charisse

Marc Charisse is the editor of The Evening Sun. Dr. Charisse has a Ph.D. in First Amendment law and history, and has taught communication law and constitutional law at the University of Washington in Seattle and Jacksonville University in Jacksonville, Fla. Charisse can be reached at mcharisse@eveningsun.com.


Wanda Murren

Wanda Murren is editorial page editor of The Evening Sun. Email: wmurren@eveningsun.com. On Twitter: @wmurrren.


Travis Lau

Travis Lau is managing editor of The Evening Sun. Email: tlau@eveningsun.com.


Tim Prudente

Tim Prudente is the Gettysburg reporter for The Evening Sun. Follow him on Twitter @TimPrudente1; or email him at tprudente@eveningsun.com.


Steve Marroni

Steve Marroni can be seen at comedy clubs all around. He also hosts Open Mic Comedy Night at the Harrisburg Comedy Zone 8 p.m. every Thursday, and is a member of the improv-comedy troupe “Don’t Break the Streak.” Contact him at SteveMarroniComedian@gmail.com.


Jonathan Murren

Jonathan Murren is a graphic artist and resident redneck at The Evening Sun. He’ll let the real news to the professionals for the most part, but will frequently update with tidbits that he deems “cool”. Feel free to send any hate mail to jmurren@mediaonepa.com.


Heather_Faulhefer_imageHeather Faulhefer

Heather Faulhefer is a reporter with The Evening Sun. She covers education and general interest news. Email: hfaulhefer@eveningsun.com.


Craig Paskoski

Craig Paskoski is a reporter for The Evening Sun, covering local government, features and environmental issues. He is a member of Sustainable Living Maryland and WasteNot! Carroll, two groups devoted to building an eco-friendly, healthy community. He can be contacted at cpaskoski@eveningsun.com.


Jackie Palochko

Jackie Palochko is a reporter with The Evening Sun. Email her at jpalochko@eveningsun.com or follow her on Twitter at @jpalochko.


Kim Sterner

Kim Sterner is Community Sun editor at The Evening Sun. Email: ksterner@eveningsun.com; or follow her on Twitter @SternerKim.


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