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Stumbling upon some Hanover history

Fun fact: For a brief five minutes in college, I was actually a history major. When I realized I wouldn’t be spending my life traveling the world, solving history’s greatest mysteries — like a character in a Dan Brown novel … Continue reading

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That funky music

“Workin’ … Workin’ at the car wash…” Yes, that 70s R&B classic – well, “classic” – by the group Rose Royce was stuck in my head most of the day today, after I spent part of the morning working on … Continue reading

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With everything, and free … but different?

Anyone who’s noticed a craving for chili, mustard and onions dogging them ought to be reminded of the 2-for-1 deal going on through Thursday at all three Famous Hot Weiner locations. I finally made it out with my family to … Continue reading

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‘Nate’s Race’ namesake loses fight with cancer

Nate Keffer, the Hanover native who was the inspiration behind the 5K benefit run known as “Nate’s Race” has died, and we will be working to put together a story in his memory.

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Coming unplugged in Hanover

No Jersey Shore today, buddy. No Toddlers & Tiaras, or Say Yes to the Dress, or Private Practice or Jerseylicious, either. No housewives, real or desperate or otherwise. And no E! News. … No E! News! Ours is a blessedly … Continue reading

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Really feeling the heat

I’m not sure of the guy’s name – at least not yet – but when I got home today my wife did at least admit she’s in love with him. That meant something, I guess, the admission. After all, it’s … Continue reading

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A football party with a cause

There are stories that fill space, and there are stories that forever touch the lives of those who write them. Angie Staub’s story of waiting for a heart transplant falls into the second category for me. I met Angie, then … Continue reading

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Don’t play koi with me

Mostly, I remember that God-awful smell. We moved into our house a year ago this coming March, and perhaps the biggest selling point was the backyard. That deck. The rolling hill down to an open field. And that little plastic-lined … Continue reading

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Watch speed on Hanover streets

If you’re like me, and really can’t afford any more points on your driver’s license, you’d be wise to take your time getting from one place to another in Hanover Borough. Moul Avenue is a good place to start.

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Hanover man searching for donor

I figured for tonight, I’ll venture out of the musings of a 20-something, and use the Around Hanover blog to spread the word of a local family looking for help. For months, organ donation has been on Joyce O’Donnell’s mind. … Continue reading

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