In Hanover: Truth in advertising

Sam’s Club is coming to Hanover, according to a source close to the situation.

Me, that is.

Now let me be clear, the leasing agents at Lancaster-based LMS Commercial Real Estate have never confirmed to me the well-known (and much-anticipated) wholesale club is coming to the Gateway Hanover shopping center north of town.

But then again, I can’t recall them confirming too many stores at Gateway over the last year-plus, during my time as Hanover reporter. At least not until very late in the process.

And certainly that’s the leasing agency’s prerogative. I’m sure they don’t want to get on the wrong side of huge corporations like Target, or Darden Restaurants, which owns the Olive Garden and Longhorn Steakhouse brands. The local media knows about such store openings when the big boys want us to know – when they tell the leasing agents we’re allowed to know officially.

So be it.

But really, who doesn’t think the Wal-Mart-owned warehouse club is coming to Hanover?

Whispers have been floating around town since last year that Sam’s will be filling that big-ole open space on the Gateway site plan, a spot that even a novice with development sketches like me knows is crying out for such a large store.

And, of course, there’s one other tip-off that Sam’s Club will be the other anchor out at the Carlisle Street shopping center.

The leasing agent says so.

At least on its website, which has long listed the store lineup and layout for the property. And while LMS has never been willing to say on the record Sam’s is coming – not to me, anyway – it’s there for all to see. Online, 24 hours a day.

Check it out:

I’ll wait…

See? Roadside signage and everything. Very nice.

Of course, what we don’t have yet is a timeline, or any better idea of the specifics of the project. But I imagine that will come in due time, right along with Hanover’s new warehouse store. Oh, and the official announcement, of course.

Won’t that be exciting?

In the meantime, all those locals who love to shop will have to content themselves with the other spanking-new stores in that 450,000-square-foot center north of town. A trendy Target. A shimmering Shoe Carnival.

And Hobby Lobby, a store my wife had never heard of when it opened but where I often find myself these days, having driven across town to help physically remove her, million-dollar smile and all.

Oh, and the PetSmart out there, which is a big hit with my dog, Max. The family took him there a few weeks ago, after a friend and former reporter passed along a grand opening coupon mailing for the place.

We got some good deals. And it was real easy to find, too, thanks to a locater map included on the Hanover-wide mailing from PetSmart. According to the details of that image, the pet store sits right there– next to Target.

And Sam’s Club.

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  1. Linktest says:

    Your web site doesn’t display properly on my iphone – you may wanna try and repair that

  2. Trudy crumb says:

    What else is coming to the shopping area, there needs to be a children’s’ gets old driving to York or Lancaster.

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