With everything, and free … but different?

Anyone who’s noticed a craving for chili, mustard and onions dogging them ought to be reminded of the 2-for-1 deal going on through Thursday at all three Famous Hot Weiner locations.

I finally made it out with my family to the Dart Drive shop for dinner last night, and was expecting quite frankly (pun intended) to wait in a line that is almost as famous as the shop’s lunch specials. I mean, my dad called me this weekend to put me on notice of the buy one, get one free deal being offered in celebration of the restaurant’s 89th anniversary. And he said he hung a note on his door just so he wouldn’t forget to stop out.

So I kinda figured we’d be dealing with some really large crowds. Boy was I wrong, several tables were open. No promises that you’ll share a similar experience out there, of course.

Is it just me, though, or are the dogs different? They just don’t seem to have the same pop as they used to. And they strike me as being saltier.

In any case, a free hot dog is a free hot dog. Especially when you have three growing boys like I do, and especially when they’re from the Famous.

And if you can’t finish a free dog, and end up taking one home in a box like I did, you can enjoy the experience the next day as well, just by driving that same car around.

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4 Responses to With everything, and free … but different?

  1. Brian says:

    This news was broken six weeks ago on Living in Hanover, man!


  2. Travis Lau says:

    Next thing you’ll be telling me you knew JC Penney is moving into Boscov’s.

  3. Brian says:

    It’s no fair when we have the same “source.”

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