Sticking their Necs out

Nugget Nectar, that seasonal favorite from Tröegs Brewing Co., officially is available for sale in the Hanover area.

Today, I lucked into the first case off the first pallet to arrive at Hanover Beverage Outlet on Baltimore Street. They actually had to slice open the plastic wrap to free up a case to sell to me.

Judging by the Tröegs website, it’s the first day this imperial amber ale is available at distributors, so I’m guessing it’s on shelves elsewhere in the Hanover area, too.

It's back, ladies and gentleman. And while it might not be better than ever, the first one typically tastes that way.

In any case, enjoy it while you can.

Nugget Nectar season goes by so quickly.

And by the looks of it, they had maybe a dozen more cases in this first shipment, so act fast if you’re so inclined. It’ll set you back about $43.

I can’t wait to taste that first one. At 7.65 percent alcohol by volume, be careful though.


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