The crowd goes ‘Wild’


That was the word yesterday from Gettysburg reporter Tim Prudente, after he’d covered for another reporter at a Penn Township meeting Monday night.

OK, that wasn’t exactly “the word,” I guess.

Rather, Tim walked into the newsroom and simply asked a quiet question.

“Did we know about Buffalo Wild Wings coming to Gateway Hanover?”

That’s when I started to lose my mind a little bit.

That’s because the wing-themed restaurant has long been a family favorite at my house, with male relatives having spent countless evenings bonding over beers and honey barbecue boneless at the Westminster restaurant. It’s my father-in-law’s absolute favorite, and the two of us long ago turned my sister-in-law’s boyfriend on to the merits of mozzarella sticks and nachos and fries with gooey cheese on top.

It won't be long until it's 'Wingie' time in Hanover.

The three of us meet as regularly as we can for a guys’ night. We have a standard order there, and even a favorite area of the dining room (with a good view of the big TVs).  We schedule dinners around sporting events and shrug off the confused consternation of wives and a girlfriend.

We call it, “Wingies.”

So imagine my excitement on an otherwise normal Tuesday, when Tim came in bearing that news.

According to his story, the Minnesota-based chain plans to get to work on a building at Gateway soon. And it looks like they’re shooting for an opening in October.

That’s a while to wait for wing sauce, on the one hand (actually it tends to get all over both hands) but on the other it’s something to look forward to in Hanover. Honey barbecue? Jamaican jerk? Asian zing?

Yes, please.

In the meantime, of course, the guys can continue to meet up when possible in Westminster. It’s actually a more central location for the three of us than the Hanover location will be, since they both live down that way.

But I’m sure we’ll nonetheless be in line with the rest of the locals, to try out the Gateway location when it opens. After all, it’s a new restaurant, and I think that’s what we’re supposed to do in Hanover.


I guess the other thing to be thankful for here is that the most recent restaurant announcement at Gateway came this week and not last year, when I was still covering Penn Township meetings.

Because there’s nothing more unprofessional than a reporter inserting himself and his unsolicited opinions into a public forum.

And a grown man yelping and hopping on top of a metal folding chair in a commissioners’ meeting, well, I suspect that would qualify. Especially if he dropped his notebook and was frantically texting family members.

Especially if he was squealing, “Wingies!”

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