Dance with me?

May I have this dance?

That’s actually a trick question. Believe me, you should answer ‘no.’

And fast.

Me on the dance floor – be it at a wedding reception or some sort of club or anywhere else for that matter – is an embarrassment to rhythm. It’s just plain ugly.

But I did catch a sideways glimpse of myself in a mirror at a new local dance studio recently. And I thought if ever there was a place to make some klutz on the dance floor look good, this just might be it.

Right here in Hanover.

At the time I was in the new home of Pennsylvania Theatrical Arts by Brittany Stevens, just off Center Square.

Hanover's new dance studio is almost enough to convince the common klutz he could dance like a newspaper editor.

And the great view was much less about me than it was the worn brick walls and wooden floors of a historic downtown building, and cases full of awards and remembrances carefully cataloged by the studio’s owner.

Brittany Stevens is a Delone Catholic High School graduate who long worked at The Eichelberger up the street, before striking out on her own in recent months. She’s fixed up a space behind The Sandy Woods near the corner of Broadway and Railroad Street, and the fledgling academy today hosts classes in music, dance and voice.

The focus is on local young people, though Brittany said ballroom classes for adults have already formed, too.

And the young woman who said she’s in the studio seven days a week these days assured me there’s more to come. Photographer Shane Dunlap and I were out for a visit recently, and you can look for a story soon.

In the meantime, give her site a look and also check out all the opportunities in the arts around Hanover. The local chamber of commerce usually includes some of that in its calendar.

And there are more than you think; I guarantee it.

And me? I’ll be considering all that too. Standing on that dance floor I couldn’t help but think in a place like that maybe even I could learn a move or two. I could glide my way across the floor, at least without falling over.

Maybe, for a moment, I could be a modern day Danny Kaye. Or even a young Marc Charisse.



Chances are like most things in this job, I’d fumble around and flub it up at least a little, stepping on a few toes along the way.

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  1. haha-you’d fit right in with us nondancers in beginner ballroom dancing over there.

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