Mapping Mark Walters: Crossing the border

Years ago, area downtowns were vibrant places to be.

On what town square am I standing?

On what town square am I standing?

Urban areas hosted restaurants, shops, and attractive commercial and residential real estate.

In the 1980s and into the ’90s, middle America suburbanized, pulling investors away from downtown and into surrounding areas.

Hotels and restaurants were built near large shopping centers, contributing to the draw away from town squares. Houses were built on land previously used for agricultural purposes.

And while development expanded in what we now call the suburbs, it died on Main Streets across America, turning some boroughs and cities into dilapidated shells of their former selves.

What town square am I standing on in this week’s selfie?

Update, June 29

Center Square in downtown Hanover is the confluence of three Pennsylvania interstates.

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About Mark Walters

Adams County reporter for The Evening Sun in Hanover. You can find me somewhere between Adams and York counties.
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  1. Samantha Morris says:

    Standing on Hanover square in the southeast quadrant, I think. Stop in Hufnagel’s for a beer?

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