RANT: Cops Kill Mentally ill Teen

This headline “Cops kill mentally ill teen” is what I came across today while browsing Russia Today website.  My previous blog  “Coming to the last resort…” discussed an incident very similar to this story.  Ironically, what the police officer said to these parents is similar to what I was told: “I don’t have time for this. Tase him. Let’s get him out of here.” 

If you read my blog you will see that the EMT stated he didn’t “want to deal with this” and the police officer said, “if your son acts up we will taser him.”  The only way to address these issues is to speak out about them, so that a dialogue can start and solutions can be created.  Education and awareness on how to properly handle people with mental and physical disabilities can go a long way.  It could have possibly prevented this horrific tragedy.

The 18-year-old weighed 90lbs and was holding a screwdriver.  Yes, he was having a violent episode and he did threaten to hurt his mother.  The parents did the right thing by calling for help and the police officers should have transported him to a facility for disabled adults.  There was no need for them to shoot him; they shot him because of ignorance.

We (parents/caregivers of the disabled) are told to call 911 if we need help; unfortunately when we do we are often made to feel like we are being an “inconvenience” as well as putting our disabled loved ones in harms way by the people who are suppose to be helping us!

Please read the article here:  http://rt.com/usa/cops-kill-mentally-ill-teen-283/

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Kim Goff is the mother of Christian Goff who is diagnosed with both Autism and Mental Retardation. She is married, resides in Spring Grove, and is the CEO of Goff Software Consultants, LLC. , as well as the founder of Women4Women - a women's group that meets once a month in Hanover.
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  1. Kim – After learning about both the event in North Carolina as well as your own personal encounter I took the time to read all articles involved. First of all, I am so sorry that you had to endure such rude, harsh behavior from those who are suppose to be professionals that offer help, support, and assistance. It doesn’t take extra effort or funding to offer compassion, empathy, and concern.

    As both the mother of a child with a diagnosis on the Autism Spectrum as well as a former social worker specializing in Schizophrenia , Dementia, and Alzheimer’s, I wholeheartedly agree that education and awareness are essential. The more knowledge professionals have on dealing with individuals who have special needs in the most conducive and effective ways, the better the outcome will be for everyone involved. In all reality, acting like insensitive louts and causing the individual to become even more agitated costs them more time than if they had handled the situation in the proper manner with a much calmer approach with the human dignity everyone deserves. Keep advocating and sharing!

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