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The heartless ‘media’

All I remember is sitting bolt upright in bed, looking around frantically, trying to get my bearings by the light leaking in from the street. A moment passed, confusion dropping away into a stomach knot of concern. Oh my God, … Continue reading

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Apps’olutely different

It recently was pointed out to us that this newly launched blog site of ours was not available through our mobile app. At least that was the case concerning some phones. I’m happy to announce that problem has been corrected. … Continue reading

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‘Old Dogs New Tricks and Crappy Newspaper Executives’

The title comes from a speech Digital First Media CEO John Paton delivered last week to the┬áCanadian Journalism Foundation. Digital First is now the second-largest newspaper company in the country, with 75 newspapers, including The Evening Sun. I had a … Continue reading

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More in motion here

One of the many changes this newspaper — and others, for that matter — is undergoing in putting out an evermore digitally led news product is our placing a heightened emphasis on telling stories through video. Visitors to our website … Continue reading

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Getting it first – and right

A report of his death, Mark Twain famously wrote, was greatly exaggerated. So false reports of famous deaths are nothing new. Though in Joe Paterno’s case, the first reports of his death turned out not to so much exaggerated as … Continue reading

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Sometimes I lead, sometimes I follow

Yeah, I’m totally leaving work early this afternoon. Seriously, Bruce Hornsby just retweeted me on Twitter. My work here, at least for today, is done. The boss has long been preaching “digital first,” after all, and it doesn’t get much … Continue reading

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