Hanover locals pitch story ideas at town hall meeting

Thomas Stein, of Hanover, voices his concern on an issue with WGAL's Joe Calhoun during the WGAL Town Hall meeting on July 23 at the Guthrie Memorial Library in Hanover.

Thomas Stein, of Hanover, voices his concern on an issue with WGAL’s Joe Calhoun during the town hall meeting on July 23. .

About 75 Hanover-Adams County residents gathered at Guthrie Memorial Library on July 23 for a town hall meeting that was sponsored by The Evening Sun and WGAL. Community members  shared story ideas, concerns and criticisms, as well as aspects of news coverage they want to see continue.

Here is a sampling of the topics that were raised:

      • The buildings of Hanover: More stories or photos of the historic architecture within the borough.
      • Revitalizing downtown Hanover: Representatives from Hanover Hub, Miscreation Brewery, Timeline Arcade and Pennsylvania Theatrical Arts attended the meeting. Some acknowledged our coverage and others asked for the continued support of the community.
      • Backing borough businesses: A few residents said local leaders need to help push for more downtown businesses and to preserve historic sites around Center Square.
      • Theater update: What’s the latest on the Hanover Theater
      • Water bill hike: One resident said her water bill went up and wanted to know why and whether it was happening in other areas of York County. Related: Your letters: Water fee hike unreasonable
      • Borough zoning issues: Locals commented on landlords buying big homes and dividing them into apartments. Some voiced concerns regarding unattended properties.
      • Praise for print: One woman applauded The Evening Sun’s move to a three-day print cycle.
      • Stay local: One person suggested less Gettysburg-area coverage and more Hanover-based stories.

These are only a few of the subjects that were brought up during the hour-long meeting. Do you have anything you want to add to this list? Let us know at news@eveningsun.com.

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2 Responses to Hanover locals pitch story ideas at town hall meeting

  1. Jennifer Robinson says:

    Seriously Eve Sun? I gave a quick update on Hanover Theatre and sent your editor and Lauren Linhard an email the morning after the Town Hall meeting that I was available to answer any questions. So you put up a link from 2012 as an update??? Very disappointed.

    • Jennifer Robinson says:

      Also want to add that WGAL had called me earlier in the day about any Hanover Theatre updates so they would be prepared, so when the subject came up by an attendee- WGAL was able to give an articulate answer. Unlike Eve Sun a whole 2 days later without even bothering to clarify anything.